Martha Maps It Out In Time!

This lively and hugely enjoyable picturebook is the sequel to the lovely Martha Maps It Out with educational illustrated content shared in an offbeat style on every fun-filled page from talented writer-illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson.

The book follows Martha as she finds a fossil on the beach and embarks on an imaginary journey through time. Martha’s imagination is shown through beautifully illustrated map drawings which take the reader through stages of history from the Ice Age, through to the age of dinosaurs, all the way back to the Big Bang. Martha’s maps show the different animals and creatures which existed through the different ages of the Earth, and even imagine what life could be like in the future. Young readers will enjoy this book with its energetic journey through time. The artwork is colourful and wild, which gives the picturebook a real sense of fun, in particular, Martha’s quirkily illustrated maps have lots to explore and examine on each page.

This picturebook would be a great addition to the bookshelves of readers aged 6 and over. Young readers will also be able to grow with the book as there is much to be shared with the whole family: the maps will open up plenty of opportunities for chats that make history more enjoyable.

Book Cover - Martha Maps It Out In Time!
Publication Date
April 2024