Max Counts To A Million

Max could think of lots of reasons why his school could just suddenly close down – meteor strikes, alien teachers, an army of squirrels, but a global pandemic never featured on his list. When his school does close suddenly, it turns out it is not that much fun after all, nor is being stuck in his house all day with his mum who likes to be quiet and who has to work all day. One day Max starts counting to a million, at first it is mainly to annoy his mum, but his count soon becomes something much bigger.

Being a nine-year-old during a global pandemic has a lot of challenges and Williams captures brilliantly how it feels to be a child who is surrounded by worry but is constantly being told not to worry. The absurdities of adult behaviour are skewered perfectly by Max’s ultra-logical views on life and Max’s knowing approach to describing his marathon count is sure to appeal to children who are used to everything in their life being mined for extra educational value.

Getting through a lockdown and the worst of the global pandemic required everybody to just keep going in an ordinary way during extraordinary times, and Max’s feat in counting to a million shows that not giving up can be the most heroic thing of all. If you are looking for a book that manages to be both funny, sad, and also quite inspiring all at once, then this is the perfect book.

Book cover - Max Counts To A Million
Publication Date
March 2022