Me and My Sister

‘Me And My Sister‘ tells the story of two siblings that experience the world differently. It embraces the perspective of a young boy who gives us a little insight on what life is like with an autistic sibling. It shows the highs and lows, acknowledging that there can sometimes be difficult days while it also celebrates the strong bond that can be shared between siblings. It educates young readers on various emotions and reminds them that everyone is different.

Robbins’ character illustrations are full of movement. They seem to have a hidden spring in their step! The line work is gentle and playful, which really captures the feelings in this story – feelings of empathy, love, understanding and the joys in this special kindred connection. ‘Me and my sister are very different, but we love each other just the same,’ concludes our narrator.

This picturebook is both informative and moving. The story speaks to everyone.

Book Cover - Me and My Sister
Publication Date
April 2019