Me and the Robbersons: Bandit Karaoke

Maisie has been kidnapped by bandits. Again.

In this sequel, Maisie is only too delighted to take to the road with her bandit friends and escape music camp. She loves being part of the robberies and escapades as the Robbersons make their way to the Summer Shindig to compete for the title of Supreme Bandit. At the Shindig, Maisie finds herself competing in a Fib-Off while the other Robbersons participate in more zany bandit events. Will Wild Karl Robberson get to be the Supreme Bandit, or will their enemies prevail? Maisie must figure out all the elaborate plots and alliances and help the Robbersons win the day.

This is the second book in The Robbersons series, translated from the original Finnish. Fans of the first book will be delighted to escape to the Finnish countryside and meet Wild Karl, Hilda, Golden Pete, Hellie, Kate and Charlie again. There has been plenty going on in the Robberson family since last summer and both Maisie and the reader have a lot to catch up with.

Although this a bandit adventure, with robberies and threats, it is outlandish and fun. The adults are often ridiculous, the bad guys are comically bad, and the kids are the heroes. It is a story full of escapism, zany characters, and hilariously impossible situations. Ideal for fans of Roald Dahl and Astrid Lindgren. This book is also available as an audio book.

Book Cover - Me and the Robbersons: Bandit Karaoke
Publication Date
June 2023