Meet the Maliks Twin Detectives: The Cookie Culprit

Maysa and Musa Malik are twins who have a very strong bond, even though they have very different personalities. Maysa has been told that she can’t go on a school trip and is desperately trying to prove to her parents that she can behave and not get into trouble. Her big chance comes when the twins’ class are asked to design and bake cookies for a charity fundraising auction. A great deal of work goes into the cookies, but disaster strikes when all the cookies are destroyed. Enter the twin detectives and their sidekick neighbour Norman …

This is a wonderfully warm and engaging novel aimed at readers aged 7 years and older. It is also very informative regarding Islam and explains the routine of Ramadan clearly and concisely in a regular Muslim household. The characters are well drawn, and the tone of the book is about honesty, but in a kind and non-judgemental manner. The story flows, and the twins’ interactions with each other being particularly enjoyable. Norman is a funny boy too and the way humour is used to deliver the author’s message makes this an easy book to read. The illustrations are fun without being too simple, and they help less confident readers to understand the story too.

A super read, looking forward to more from this series!

Book Cover - Meet the Maliks Twin Detectives - The Cookie Culprit
Publication Date
August 2023