Memory Superpowers!

Mnemonics, or memory tricks, are strategies designed to help improve our memory using primarily visual or listening cues and rhymes. They emphasise the use of key words, acronyms, visuals and expressions to equip us to learn by association, taking what is unfamiliar and linking it to a familiar picture in our own world. Readers can use this fabulous book to create a personal Memory Palace to store information in their brains.

Through the use of mnemonics, retrieving knowledge from our long -term memory when needed for quiz questions, maths, periodic tables, spellings, geography, and history topics, becomes much easier.Underlying the methods is a clever, challenging adventure story guiding us through different ways to use this book – using the storyline or skipping on to the examples of mnemonics, it is a great reference guide to have at our fingertips!

Easily adapted for use in a teaching/aide role, this is also a great book for personal study. All readers will take something positive from the exercises – but patience and commitment are required for some of the more challenging exercises. The tools learned are lifelong and we can apply them to all aspects of our life.
The bright, colourful illustrations have real purpose, especially for readers who enjoy visual explanations for learning. With some guidance needed for younger readers, this is an entertaining, educational journey, packed with rewarding challenges.

Book Cover - Memory Superpowers
Publication Date
September 2021