Mexikid: A Graphic Memoir

Told from the perspective of Peter/Pedro, we follow the nine Martín children and their parents on a road trip from California to Mexico. Martín depicts the drama and chaos that goes with being part of a big family with both precision and humour.

On a mission to help their grandfather and bring him back to live with them, their mad-cap adventure includes encounters with a whole host of interesting characters, from border guards to distant cousins and godparents. It incorporates bad haircuts, unexploding fireworks and a giant, fly-infested, pig-shaped biscuit. The oranges and browns of the colour palette work to recreate both the 1970s setting and the vibrant Mexican landscape. The artwork also allows for particularly difficult topics to be explored in a simple way and cultural differences are examined through the vibrant images, with Peter narrating on the action throughout.

While parts of the dialogue are in Spanish, translations of important lines are provided at the bottom of the pages. However, despite the humour, the purpose of the family trip is a serious one: Peter’s grandmother’s grave is in danger of being damaged by a river and the family arrive to help their grandfather rebury her and this is depicted very vividly through the images, something that some children may find this overwhelming or upsetting.

A tender and at times hilarious story, this graphic memoir explores the complexity of being a child from two different cultures in a truly unique and honest way.

Book Cover - Mexikid - A Graphic Memoir
Publication Date
September 2023