The Midnight Panther

Dedicated to everyone who “was made to feel different”, The Midnight Panther is a striking celebration of innate beauty and strength, especially in those who have been marginalised. Lion, Tiger and Leopard don’t like Panther because he doesn’t look like them. They consider themselves superior and ostracise him on account of his appearance. The other cats deride Panther daily until he begins to believe their taunts and sets off in search of a sense of belonging, attempting to change along the way.

An elegant allegory about prejudice and self-belief, this is written in the style of a fable and has a timeless, mythical quality. The intricate illustrations resemble a rich tapestry and, coupled with the evocative text, create an immersive, other-worldly experience. The reader gets the sense that they are deep within the tangled vines of a mossy forest and can almost feel Panther’s thick velvet fur. The language is remarkably lyrical and gentle, yet its message is as powerful as the panther itself.  

This stunning picture book skilfully demonstrates why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, or base our perceptions on their opinions. It stresses that we should never try to change who we are in order to fit in and emphasises how we all have individual gifts, regardless of what our peers might tell us. It also shows the effects our words can have on others and encourages readers to have more compassion. Children can lose themselves in the spectacular artwork while finding valuable wisdom that lasts a lifetime.

The Midnight Panther - book cover
Publication Date
October 2022