Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders

Migrations, Open Hearts, Open Borders is a capsule collection of illustrated postcards from artists who wished to express their support for migrants and refugees. The original idea was that illustrators the world over would send a postcard illustrated with a bird and a few words of encouragement to a central address, thus physically creating a ‘migration’.

The 300+ postcards from this murmuration were then exhibited in Bratislava, Slovakia at the BIBIANA during the 2017 Bratislava Illustration Biennial. The project was supported by IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young People), Amnesty International and The International Centre for the Picture Book in Society.

With an introduction by Shaun Tan, 50 of these postcards are showcased in this small but beautiful collection, reflecting welcoming sentiments and an extraordinary variety of illustration. Our own PJ Lynch and Brian Fitzgerald are represented in the book, and over 30 Irish illustrators proudly took part in the original exhibition.

Although there is no plot or story included here, this heartwarming collection is well worth the purchase of the book (royalties shared with Amnesty International and IBBY) as it will certainly spark conversations about the need for assistance, acceptance and inclusion not just for migrants, but for all.

Book Cover - Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders
Publication Date
May 2019