Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster

Milly McCarthy is going to be a World Champion Irish dancer, she’s sure of it; all she needs is to convince her parents, which is always a challenge, given the chaos created by her previous extracurricular. But when it turns out Milly is actually quite talented, her mother agrees and Milly’s ascent through the world of competitive Irish dance begins. Alas for Milly, her World Championship dream ends the way everything seems to for the girl whose number one skill is calamity: in disaster!

This book follows a young cailín as she attempts to find her ‘thing’ - an amusing take on a genuine struggle that may be familiar to much of the book’s intended audience. Ever-buoyant, Milly is undeterred by early difficulties, and she doesn't let her ultimate failure get in the way of her plans for the future, either. Her overconfidence may lead to heaps of hilarious trouble, but her positivity and determination are wonderfully modelled for young readers.

Unapologetically Irish, the story is dotted with a cúpla focail, making it not just a great choice for lovers of school-based mayhem, but also a rare chance for kids to read English and Irish alongside each other. Funny and full of heart, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a disastrously funny read.

About the Author
Author Image - Leona Forde
Leona Forde is an English and History teacher from Bandon, County Cork. She wrote Milly McCarthy for her daughter, who wanted to read a Wimpy Kid style story but not one set in the US or UK. Leona is married with four children and is currently writing Milly’s next adventure.
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About the Illustrator
Illustrator Image - Karen Harte
Karen Harte is an illustrator, comic creator and visual designer from Dublin. Her illustrations focus on playful visual storytelling and are informed by finding joy in the everyday. Karen's creative work spans children's book illustration, editorial and commercial digital illustration, visual design, live graphic recording, portraits, murals and more.
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Book Cover - Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster
Publication Date
September 2023