Milo Imagines the World

As he takes his monthly train ride through the city with his sister, Milo keeps his emotions in check by imagining the possible lives of passengers around him. He sketches as he goes, creating mini narratives for each of his subjects – a glamorous bride about to be whisked away in a hot air balloon and a solitary man in an apartment teeming with animals are just two of his playful imaginings.

The sheer diversity of city life bounces off each spread. Underground scenes feature a colourful cast of people from all walks of life, going about their day-to-day business. From a distance these urban characters lack detail; up close, simple facial features, clothing and accessories help to bring their stories to life. This truly is the world as seen through the lens of a child and the result is both beautiful and touching.

Most importantly, this is a story hinged on first impressions. Little ones may have their own thoughts about why Milo’s sister is so dismissive or why he feels ‘shook
up’ like a soda. But just as Milo learns when he encounters a fellow passenger at the end of his journey, first impressions don’t always tell the full story. What better message is there to teach little ones learning to make sense of the world than that? A wonderfully poignant story for all families, not just those with an absent or incarcerated parent.

Book Cover - Milo Imagines the World
Publication Date
February 2021