Mina and the Undead

The year is roughly 1994 and a series of gory murders is terrorising New Orleans. What is interesting is that these deaths seem to tend towards a slightly vampiric nature. Will the aptly named Mina, a recent blow-in from England, be able to figure what’s going on and stop the killer before they strike again?

The début of Amy McCaw, Mina and the Undead is a devilishly fun combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Interview with the Vampire (it’s certainly no coincidence that it takes place just after the movies of both fang-themed properties come out). It’s a fun twisty mystery with enough references to real-life macabre stories in the history of New Orleans to keep even Wednesday Addams happy. It’s a little slow to begin, but once the mystery is up and running, it’s a ghost train of revelations and exciting set pieces. Lots of nostalgic references will appeal to readers and certainly reminded this reviewer of staying up late to sneakily watch The Lost Boys after my parents fell asleep.

There is an engaging cast of characters and a real sense of place; you can see yourself walking down Bourbon Street. Also, in the end, there is a promising hint at a sequel. For young fans of the Vampire Diaries and True Blood or older fans of Christopher Pike and Point Horror, this is definitely a book to sink your teeth into.

Book Cover - Mina and the Undead
Publication Date
April 2021