Monster Island

Following a family tragedy, Sam Shipwright is sent to live with her grandad on Draymur Isle, an island as cold as the people who inhabit it. While Sam tries her best to adjust to her new life - ignoring her classmates’ jabs about her mad grandad, trying to keep Myrtle, her chaotic pet goat, from eating her shoes, and avoiding the relentlessly cruel Major Chase - she also has to learn to accept a terrifying truth.

Monsters under the bed are REAL. And they won’t stop until all the children of Draymur Isle are eaten …

Full of memorable characters and interwoven with moments of pure magic, Alexander has written a story that finds the perfect balance between whimsy and terror. The illustrations by Helen O’Higgins are exceptional, elevating both the spookiness and fun of the book to a higher level. Key characters and moments are brought to life and the art style, which borders on gothic, pairs beautifully with Alexander’s writing.

Monster Island teaches readers to accept what makes them and others unique, and to understand that sometimes bad things can happen in real life, but that good things happen too. Scary and hilarious throughout, Alexander and O’Higgins has crafted a book that reminds children and adults alike to never lose hope, no matter what.

Oh, and to never dangle your legs over your bed, just in case.

About the Author
Headshot of Freddie Alexander
Freddie Alexander lives in Dublin with his wife, his son and, he suspects, a large family of mice. Freddie rarely eats spice bags these days, although the same assurances cannot be given for the mice who come and go as they please.
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