Erskin has always felt different from the other villagers in her coastal village of Lofotby. She and her family are regarded with suspicion, living as they do so close to the sinister magical Mountainfell that looms over their home. When strange tremors wake the terrifying cloud dragon, who then snatches Erskin’s sister, Birgit, Erskin’s world shatters. She has no choice but to trek to the cloud dragon’s home in the peaks of Mountainfell to rescue Birgit. But Mountainfell’s magic is wild and dangerous. How can little Erskin possibly survive?

This wonderful tale, set in a magical and mysterious land where nothing is as it seems, is packed with unexpected details that are interesting enough to require rereading and consideration. The fantastic creatures, the power of the mountain, the determination and sheer strangeness of Erskin herself, all conspire to produce a captivating story. It has everything that all great fairy stories should have: adventure and action in heaps, the importance of friendship and family, a dragon and a witch, fantasy creatures, and dark, dangerous magic. And at the heart of it all run deep currents of environmental protection and cherishing our differences as individuals.  

A classic fairytale that will be read and re-read many times by young readers.

Mountainfell Cover Image
Publication Date
September 2022