Mountains of the World

How are mountains made? Does the Yeti exist? Who is the world’s most famous mountaineer? Get ready for the answers to these and many more questions in Dieter Braun’s stylish celebration of the world’s mountains. From the Alps to the Andes, Everest to Uluru, this comprehensive exploration of some of the highest places on Earth, the animals who inhabit them and the people impacted by them, is a real treasure.

With close to 100 pages of facts to get to grips with, you may worry it would be too much for young children. But the beauty of this book is the way it sweeps you up and carries you on its journey through the ‘rooftops of the trees’ with very little effort. The language moves from factual and instructional to conversational so naturally; not many books can shift from the spitting habits of the llama to issues of climate change this easily. And of course Braun’s trademark, graphic illustrations balance the text perfectly to ensure readers don’t get overwhelmed with information. His animals are angular and expressive, his landscapes vast and brimming with detail.

This is a book that crosses the boundaries of geography, science, history, biology and sport – and at the same time it is a stunning work of art. Mountains of the World would make a beautiful addition to any classroom, library bookshelf, or coffee table. And I guarantee you will want to climb a mountain the minute the last page is turned.

Book Cover - Mountains of the World
Publication Date
August 2021