Mouse & Mole: Clink, Clank, Clunk!

Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew’s beautifully illustrated book contains three nostalgic tales of friendship between the worrisome Mole and the steady and comforting Mouse. Children will enjoy curling up to hear the humorous tales of the two friends who overcome all the obstacles faced together.

In the first story Mole takes apart his motorbike, only to forget how to put it back together again. The second story explains Mole’s fear that something is on the roof, and the many awful scenarios he imagines as a result, while the third sees the unfortunate Mole fret over the ghost living in the garden. In all three tales the ever sensible and witty Mouse comes to the rescue and the two friends work through their problems together. A heart-warming book to read to an anxious child, showing how a problem shared is a problem halved.  

The old style illustrations are reminiscent of the Wind in the Willows and the stories are wonderfully brought to life with the colourful and expressive images. While this is a book for younger children, I think it’s a book that will be returned to again and again by an older audience. 

Mouse and Mole Clink Cland Clunk - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022