My Beautiful Voice

Like a poem, this book almost sings. The pink, sparkling thread that weaves its way enchantingly throughout the book draws us into a child’s world of creativity and imagination. The illustrations fully capture the magic that is at work here.

A little girl who is afraid to speak out finds her voice eventually with the help of her warm and sensitive teacher, Miss Flotsam. She is inspired by this colourful woman who loves poetry among many other subjects. Her enthusiasm fosters confidence in the little girl to write a poem for a read aloud competition. The book travels that road with her while she battles to overcome her shyness and social anxiety, all the time protected and encouraged by this intuitive teacher.

This is a gorgeous book. The colours, the characters and the emotions are perfectly portrayed. It is beautifully written and will be a great book to have in any school library. It’s a book that acknowledges the quiet child and will be welcomed by anyone teaching or raising a child who is an introvert or struggling with shyness. This is also a rare collaboration of author and illustrator singing a message and hitting a perfect note.

Book Cover - My Beautiful Voice
Publication Date
August 2021