My Brother is an Avocado

Darnton’s picture book is told from the perspective of a big sister anxiously awaiting the birth of her new sibling. Her excitement is infectious and at each stage of the pregnancy, she imagines all the fun she can have with her baby brother. However, she’s unsure how she feels about having an avocado for a brother, or an onion! This delightful picture book playfully explores the long wait for the much-anticipated birth of a sibling—with an unexpected twist.

Alongside Darnton’s text, Ismail’s illustrations expand upon the metaphors often used to describe the stages of pregnancy in unexpected ways, and the resulting picture book is a thoughtful and tender story that honours the many emotions an older sibling may feel as she imagines the bond she will share with her younger sibling. The story is told with sensitivity towards the pregnancy experience, honouring the perspective of an older sibling while also embracing pregnancy as a non-linear path.

Ismail’s illustrations bring playfulness and humour to the text, exploring the many surprises pregnancy can bring with wide-eyed wonder

Book Cover - My Brother is an Avocado
Publication Date
May 2023