My Dog, Hen

Hen, an excitable little dog with an appetite for mischief, is adopted from the shelter by a young boy and his parents. Hen loves to eat the curtains, the cushions, and even his new toys - until Grandma gives him something special. Hen’s story carries a wonderful lesson about finding the value in things that are pre-owned. Mackintosh’s endearing new picturebook will resonate with any family that has ever adopted a pet from a rescue shelter, and demonstrates the importance of showing compassion, kindness and patience to animals.

My Dog, Hen demonstrates the wonder and joy that comes with owning something that is pre-loved, and shows that things are no less valuable just because they may be old or second-hand. Mackintosh’s illustrations are both heart-warming and highly imaginative – his use of colourful elements against a backdrop of black and white is both playful and engaging.

In this beautifully illustrated picturebook, Mackintosh shows us why it is better to adopt pets from rescue centres, as Hen goes from living in a cage, to finding his forever home with a loving family. My Dog, Hen is a lovely story for families who have recently adopted a pet, as parents and children will be able to laugh at Hen’s antics as his family tries to train him.

My Dog Hen - book cover
Publication Date
October 2022