My First Book of Irish Bugs

Introducing the youngest readers to the tiny creatures that creep, crawl, wriggle and fly all over Ireland, and it does that brilliantly. This is the perfect read for toddlers who enjoy spending happy hours gazing at insects, that, with the possible exception of worms and snails, don’t stay still long enough to be examined. However, this book fulfils the child’s wish to investigate bugs in detail for as long as they wish, while the names clearly printed on each page will encourage the budding entomologist to relate the shape of the word to the creature’s name.

Each page shows a photograph of a familiar creature against an unfussy block-coloured background, helping the reader focus on the subject while the large scale gives the effect of peering through a microscope. This little board book is the latest in a series of titles from The O’Brien Press, which already includes Irish wildlife and Irish vehicles. My initial fears that the book would be too simple to be engaging were proven wrong, because it is that very simplicity which is the book’s strength.

All in all, a great little book for the youngest children. 

Book Cover - My First Book of Irish Bugs
Publication Date
June 2023
Board Book