My Friend Andy

Told through the eyes of a little dog, Fluffy, this is a story that calls upon us to question our preconceived notions; to look carefully at what we think we see and to take notice of what is going on around us. With a more empathic view, we may find a little help when we need it most and, who knows, maybe even a new friend.

Every day, Fluffy walks through the busy city with Mum and Lilly. And they always walk past Andy. But they never stop to play with him. One day, Lilly and Fluffy are playing catch in the park when Fluffy gets lost. She looks and looks, but can’t find Lilly anywhere. When Fluffy tries to ask for help, no one notices a little lost dog. No one except Andy. Will Fluffy and Lilly be reunited? Of course! With a little help from Andy.

This book is utterly delightful. In a simple, clear story, it captures an innocent, child-like ability to re-imagine what is, into how things should be. The text is filled with the feeling of being lost and at the same time, it is comforting and reassuring. Help will arrive; all will be fine. The lovely, fresh watercolour illustrations effortlessly display the subtleties of day-to-day life in the city. 

Quietly joyful and wonderfully poignant, this is a real gem from a debut author.

Book Cover - My Friend Andy
Publication Date
March 2024