My Friend, Loonie

LaCour’s beautifully bright book perfectly captures the amazing way children can find wonder in almost anything. My Friend, Loonie is a sweet story about a little girl who loves her balloon. She sings and dances with the balloon, she looks out the window with the balloon, this wonderful yellow balloon even keeps her company while she does her homework! So, you can imagine how upset she was when her balloon floated away …

Ashling Lindsay’s absolutely gorgeous illustrations bring this story to life. The pages of this book are glowing with bright, vivid colours that jump off the page and draw readers in. A book this visually pleasing will most definitely appeal to younger readers. This book also beautifully illustrates how loving families come in many forms. This little girl’s joy and wonder is encouraged by her two loving mothers on every page. This is a book that is simply bursting with love.

This book is very sweet, but the story is relatively simple. It must be said that while this is a story that illustrates the unadulterated joy for things no matter how small that children have, since this book does not contain a very busy plot, it could be suggested that it is more suitable for younger readers. I do think that it would have been nice to have for a few more details for example, we never learn the little girl’s name and I think older readers prefer to know more about the characters that they are reading about.

Overall, this is a lovely story. It is short and sweet, but the subject matter and bright illustrations will certainly light up a younger readers’ day. It is a must read!

About the Illustrator
Author Headshot - Ashling Lindsay
Ashling Lindsay is an illustrator from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her work has been nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Illustration Award and shortlisted for the Waterstones Book Prize, The Klaus Flugge Prize for Picturebook Illustration and the AOI Illustration Awards. You can find more of Ashling's work at her website or @AshlingLindsay.
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Book Cover - My Friend, Loonie
Publication Date
June 2023