Neighbors is a book all about a little girl who moves to a new apartment and begins to wonder about the neighbours that surround her. She ponders that her ceiling is someone’s floor and her floor, someone’s ceiling. She imagines who might be on the other side of the wall and what they might be doing. Rather than a frightening experience, she sees it as an opportunity to explore and find out who her neighbours are.

This is a soft, flowing first book by illustrator Kasya Denisevich. She skillfully uses colour sparingly to highlight the little girl in an unfamiliar world, with the colour growing around her as she gets to know her new world and her neighbours. This is a warm, kind book that tells the story of community and connections through the eyes of a hopeful little girl. It brings some much needed optimism and refocus on the importance of community that so many of us have felt and hoped for over recent months. I love that Denisevich has thought about each little detail right down to developing her own font for the text. This is a story for the eyes as much as it is for the ears of little ones. A lovely and hopeful read for ages 4–7.

Book Cover - Neighbours
Publication Date
September 2020