Nell & the Circus of Dreams

The summer that Mummy was ill and had to stay in bed, Nell was sad. She finds a little chick and the two soon become best friends. She takes her inside, names her Rosebud, and the pair spend all their time together. One morning, Rosebud disappears! Nell runs off through the garden and into the fields to find her. Nell finds something else; something beyond her wildest dreams. A circus!

Full of colour and lights and happy sounds, the circus is truly a magical event, with Nell and Rosebud as the stars of the show. And while it is soon time for Nell and Rosebud to go home, the magic and joy they take with them last all summer long…and into the next and the next….

Filled with a dream-like, almost nostalgic quality, this is a book to take you away on a journey of quiet joy and wonder. The text and illustrations are equally enchanting and set the scenes in a way that pulls you in, making the story come alive, firing the imagination and creativity. The story is written simply, but with care and attention to Nell’s feelings throughout. There is real magic in these words. The illustrations are simply stunning; vibrant and sumptuous with depth and texture. The facial expressions and choice of colour bring to life the words on the page, making each one a work of art. A story of friendship, caring, running away with the circus and bringing home your own brand of happiness.

Book Cover - Nell & the Circus of Dreams
Publication Date
July 2021