Nibbles Shapes

Nibbles has already taught us about numbers, colours, and Christmas: now he is helping us to learn about shapes – and making triangles look delicious!

Fun for adults and children, this board book makes learning fun and has enough humour to keep the reader-aloud entertained without being too much for the little one listening to take in. The rhyming scheme is playful without feeling forced or repetitive – which is not an easy feat.

The colour scheme is striking but soft, and the page cut-outs mean that little fingers can feel the shapes they are learning about, giving a little one a whole sensory experience. The illustrations are clever, and they keep us turning the pages, wondering what Nibbles will get up to next even beyond this book and into his next adventure.

One minor letdown is the lack of interactive flip-up and pull-out pages. Since the first page asks us to open a box and find Nibbles inside, we expect the story to be full of surprises for us to uncover, and it is disappointing to find no more.

Book Cover - Nibbles Shapes
Publication Date
June 2023
Board Book
Age range