Nightfall in New York

The fourth and final book from the Taylor & Rose Detective Series is packed full of mystery and adventure. After receiving a letter from the dangerous secret society, Fraternitas Draconum, secret agents Sophie Taylor and Lilian Rose embark on a new mission to save their friend, Joe. Woodfine has created an action-packed, fast paced adventure with many exciting twists and turns. We follow the characters as they travel undercover on a glamorous transatlantic ocean liner, explore New York in search of clues, and uncover dark secrets.

The world doesn’t expect much from women in 1912, but Sophie, Lil, and their friends are here to prove the world wrong. Woodfine has created strong, smart and independent characters that are proud of who they are and fight for what they believe in. The book reminds us that our value as a person is not determined by gender or race, it is measured by our character. The characters in this book are loyal, intelligent, courageous, and kind and they act as terrific role models for young readers.

This is the perfect series for readers who are fans of mysteries, adventure and detective stories. The author’s attention to detail brings an abundance of life, colour and suspense to the world of the book and this is a story readers will find hard to put down. The main theme of this book is friendship and the strong bonds between these characters are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Book Cover - Nightfall in New York
Publication Date
July 2021