The No-Girlfriend Rule

This sweet and charming LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age story shows us that we can discover the most about ourselves in the unlikeliest of places, such as a weekly game of Secrets & Spells (the in-book version of Dungeons & Dragons), as in the case of high-schooler Hollis Beckwith.

In an effort to become closer to her boyfriend and experience the joys of Secrets & Spells for herself, Hollis sets out to find a welcoming and inclusive group of players to embark on an epic adventure with. Through the lens of Hollis’ Secrets & Spells campaign she embarks upon a real-life adventure with her new friends, discovering new parts of herself along the way.

The book features realistic depictions of issues faced by teenagers and does a particularly good job of highlighting the ways in which we navigate complex relationships, especially in our teen years. The author does an excellent job at presenting Hollis as a character who is both authentic and flawed; you will find yourself celebrating her wins and commiserating with her throughout. This book will also appeal to anyone with a love for Dungeons & Dragons, both experienced players and those, like Hollis, who have not yet had a chance to delve into this fantasy world.

A perfect story for young LGBTQIA+ people who may want to see realistic reflections of themselves – especially the nerdy types who enjoy Dungeons & Dragons!

Book Cover – The No-Girlfriend Rule
Publication Date
March 2024