Not Like Other Girls

After nude pictures of her were blasted across the internet, Jo-Lynn Kirby has become a social pariah. Dealing with the fallout of this, Jo’s troubles only double when her former best friend Maddie goes missing and is written off as a runaway. To get to the bottom of Maddie’s mystery disappearance, Jo must reinfiltrate the world that has cast her out. However, as she starts digging into the truth, she’s forced to recount the most vulnerable parts of her past that she has tried so hard to forget.

Initially the angle this novel appears to be questionable, presenting at the start what seemed to be another narrative about a girl who thinks she is too good for all others. Yet, as the book continued, and Jo matured, it turned out to be a poignant reflection on the power of female friendship and the way that girls can find one another in the hardest of times.

However, some character motivations were confusing and implausible at times and it was never made clear why exactly Jo was looking for Maddie, or why she went about it the way that she did. Nonetheless, the book still packs a punch and serves as a social commentary about the cutthroat aspects of teenage life and the adults who feign ignorance and frame things in a way that’s convenient to them.

With themes of sexual violence, and drug use this book is not appropriate for younger readers.

Book Cover – Not Like Other Girls
Publication Date
April 2024
Age range