Nova's Missing Masterpiece

It’s Nova’s dad’s birthday and she makes a special present but loses it just before his party. This story follows Nova through her house as she hunts for the misplaced present with her dog Harley helping with her search. Harley also helps in an unexpected way as Nova’s emotions become too big for her. Nova follows Harley’s examples when it comes to ridding herself of the frustration and panic of losing the present.

This book showcases the frustration of losing something important, or special, while also demonstrating ways to deal with these feelings such as taking deep breaths, and listening to calming music. It is a great way of showing young children alternative ways to help self-regulate their emotions and help them with overwhelming thoughts or feelings.

The bright colours and intricate details of each page are eye-catching and draw the reader into the story. You might find yourself scanning the rooms in an attempt to help Nova with her search! The illustrations also hide some hidden elements for the reader to look out for or go back to find, making the story interactive and even more appealing to the young audience.

The story helps teach necessary life skills for both children and adults and allows room for conversations on the topic of feelings and reactions to strong emotions. It is ideal for children who might be in the middle of big changes in their lives such as starting school who might be experiencing similar feelings to Nova.

Book Cover - Nova's Missing Masterpiece
Publication Date
February 2024