Odd Science: Incredible Creatures

Creatures really are incredible, and maybe a bit odd. Like the penguins in Antarctica who propose with shiny rocks, or the Cockatoo birds in Australia that make their own drumsticks and jam with their musical mates. These Cockatoos would probably love to hang out with the Sharks who love Death Metal music.

James Olstein has put together a big book of animal that tries to stand out by picking the more unusual and lesser known facts. And it mostly succeeds. The book is quick and easy to read. The animal types change quickly so you never get bored. And the facts are random so you can read them in any order. The writing and language is direct and straightforward for each short fact. My only complaint is that very little personality shows through from the author. It would be nice to know what he thinks of some of the more bizarre and unusual behaviours from the creatures.

The illustration has a retro-looking, two or three tone block print style that is nice and colourful throughout the book. The animals are very stylized, which I like, but likeness to the actual animal may vary.

I find that these types of books suit a particular type of child who loves hoovering up random facts. My own child at the age of 5-7 would have loved this before moving on to illustrated encyclopaedias and is now collecting Guinness Book of Records and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Book Cover - Odd Science: Incredible Creatures
Publication Date
February 2019