Olaf Hajek's Fantastic Fruits

The work of German illustrator Olaf Hajek bursts from the page full of stories and curiosities. His beautiful illustrations sing with colour reminiscent of the work of Frida Kahlo and it is these vibrant illustrations that are at the heart of this enchanting book. Not an obvious subject choice for a book for children aged 6 – 9, the fantastic fruit heroes of Olaf Hajek are brought to life through a combination of mystical tales and interesting facts.

Who knew that a strawberry was not a berry at all, that a grape was, in fact, a berry, or that a melon was actually a vegetable in disguise? The stories from history and myth about the origins of some of the fruit, though short, are fascinating. For example: In Japanese folklore, Momotarō the Peach Boy, was found in a peach by his mother. An interesting read following on from the Flower Power and Veggie Power books, with illustrations that zing with energy and interesting detail. I do think the text would have benefitted from being shorter and more focused on the magical tales, but a unique and interesting read nonetheless.

Book cover - Olaf Hajek's Fantastic Fruits
Publication Date
March 2022
Age range