Oliver’s Lollipop

Oliver and his family are heading to the zoo and because it is his birthday, Oliver gets a gigantic rainbow lollipop just before they go in. While his parents and little brother are enjoying the visit and the animals, Oliver is daydreaming about the delicious taste of his treat – after all, he thinks, the lollipop is the most dazzling thing in the whole zoo until … it is suddenly gone, before he could even take a lick.

A timeless story, Oliver’s Lollipop is a beautiful picturebook that may have taken place long ago or in recent days. Landazábal’s diverse illustrations in gouache have an impeccable mid-century modern flair that gives a dream-like feel to its pages. The incredible use of colours and compositions takes us on an emotional journey, travelling between times and within Oliver’s inner and outer worlds, making it an even more relatable experience to both children and adults.

A story about expectations, disappointment, understanding and ultimately love, Wortche shows us that, more often than not, we tend to lose the forest for the trees, obsessing over little things. We can all relate to Oliver’s frustration, though we can ultimately see that all we need to do is let go of expectations and simply be present.

Oliver’s Lollipop is a gentle and cosy reminder that even when life forces us into a change of perspective, life is worth enjoying with the people we love. A wonderful read for children to share with parents, grandparents and other grownups over and over again.

Book Cover - Oliver’s Lollipop
Publication Date
October 2021