Once Upon a Fairytale

Can you imagine anything more enchanting than a picture book in which you create your very own adventure? This clever storytelling concept more familiar in fiction for older readers translates perfectly to the picture book format, as we venture through a stunning imaginary world taking unexpected turns and meeting a myriad of unusual characters.

Beguiling illustrations rich in colour and character capture the essence of vintage European classics whilst appearing fresh and relevant for a new generation. Spreads packed with detail and maps ready to be explored will have wild eyes darting across the page with excitement, as fairy-tale adventurers are lead on a quest to help the Queen break a curse.

Like a magical pathway through a sunlit woodland, deliciously selected words from a rich magical vocabulary lead readers through scenarios which can be changed on a whim, leaving them eager to explore and expand their story. Adventuring via forest feasts, strange villains, mythical beasts and more, each page provides numerous options to tailor the story in any way the reader wishes. A dynamic reading experience destined to be shared and enjoyed over and over, and guaranteed to nurture a love of reading and storytelling.

About the Illustrator
Photo of illustrator Lauren O'Hara
Lauren O’Hara is an illustrator. As a child she loved reading fairytales, painting insects and listening to her grandmother’s stories. She studied Art and Illustration at Kingston University and then designed window displays and props for films. Lauren’s career as an illustrator began when her sister Natalia suggested they work together on a picture book, which became Hortense and the Shadow. As
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Once Upon a Fairytale - book cover
Publication Date
June 2022