Once Upon A Storytime

Unicorns, castles, sweets and gingerbread, pirate ships and wicked witches – this book is teeming with classic storybook elements!

Centering around a mother and daughter who read together every night, the daughter is worried that she herself may end up in some of the slightly more sinister scenes of her favourite fairytales, but her mother explains exactly how she’d rescue her in each instance. This story is a wonderful reminder of how reading gives children power; that to read a fairytale is to believe in your ability to overcome a villain.  

The accompanying pictures are expressive and richly coloured. In particular, there is great use of light to convey the emotions of the story – when the child is worried, the scene is dark, and the colours are cold. However, when her mother shows up in a subsequent illustration to rescue her, the page is flooded with golden light and brightness. The illustrations underline a key message of the book, that parental guardians will be the ones who untangle those tricky twin roads of adventure and fear.

Throughout the book there is a repetition of the phrase ‘yes always.’ This is the mother’s reassuring affirmation that she will always be there to fix a situation, to dive into any story and conquer any monster. By the end, the daughter too is using this refrain, thus confident in her own ability to be the hero of a story.

This is a truly special book, ideal for any bedtime story readers.

Cover - Once Upon A Story Time
Publication Date
February 2024