Only This Beautiful Moment

Only This Beautiful Moment is an intergenerational coming-of-age story, a queer epic, a defiant tale weaving generations and cultures to create a fantastic story about family, culture, identity, and acceptance.

The story follows Moud, an openly gay Iranian teenager from LA in 2019 who travels to Tehran with his father to be with his dying Grandfather. The revelation of family secrets will drive Moud to gain a better understanding of his culture, his family history, and his own identity. The story also follows Saeed, Moud’s father, in 1978, when he must flee Iran to live a new life in America and live with a grandmother he never knew existed. Bobby, the third main character, Moud’s grandfather, is a young actor living in LA in 1939, who soon learns that the world of stardom may not be as innocent and happy as he thinks. The plot follows each character through a period of liminality and important self-discovery, weaving the threads of each of the characters’ stories to join them together and create a powerful message about life and identity. 

This book tells the reader to appreciate and cherish each beautiful moment in the present, and to find their own place in the world because no matter where they are or what time period they are in, there is always a place for them. A powerful message that even if you do not seem to fit in with everyone’s ideas of what you should be, you will always have a place because the world is far more diverse and accepting than you might think – ‘now is all there is’ and there is always a place for everyone. 

Cover - Only This Beautiful Moment
Publication Date
November 2023