Orla and the Magpie's Kiss

In the exciting follow up to Orla and Serpent's Curse, we join Orla, her brothers, and Dave the Dog on their vacation in Norfolk spent at their Uncle Valentine’s house. As a new witch, Orla is hoping to relax on holiday. However, when she stumbles upon the nearby Anna’s Woods and learns of the evil GasFrac’s plans to destroy the woodland, she takes it upon herself to alert the locals to the danger and protect the environment.

The story immediately draws the reader in with witty dialogue and stunning imagery that remains consistently wonderful throughout the entire book. Furthermore, the author effortlessly refreshes the readers memory of the key events in the previous book through passing dialogue. The sibling dynamic between Orla and her brothers Richard and Tom is endlessly entertaining and very authentic; anyone with siblings will be sure to relate to their bickering! Drawings and sketches of images described by Orla help to immerse the reader in this world, as we are given the opportunity to see exactly what our protagonist is seeing. What’s more, we occasionally see the world through Dave the Dog’s point of view which is a unique perspective and always entertaining.  

Overall, this is a wonderfully written story filled with strong character dynamics, exciting twists and turns, and important environmental messages that will surely inspire anyone that picks it up. Fans of the The Serpent’s Curse and readers new to Orla’s magical life alike will certainly enjoy this fun read!