Oscar's Lion

Oscar is surprised to discover a lion is his babysitter for the weekend. But, when the lion reads his favourite story and lets him have ice-cream for dessert, Oscar realises it could be a fun weekend! Soon, Oscar finds out that the lion transforms into other animals and the pair embark on a series of adventures.

This is a tender and witty story about a young boy’s first weekend without his parents. The writing is funny and fast-paced, yet leaves room for the more emotional aspects of the story. The artwork is evocative yet simple, conveying the drama and emotion at key moments in the story. Illustrations by Benji Davies are peppered throughout the book and include detailed full spreads to complement the story and capture the easy-to-miss magic of the ordinary world.

The story deals with themes of loneliness, loss and grief in a sensitive and sweet manner. It may appeal to a reader dealing with emotions like sadness and grief. Along with this, there are moments of peril which some younger readers may find scary or upsetting. References to certain famous historical battles, lead to some action-packed moments and also hints at the impact of war on children and families. These sections may provoke questions from curious or sensitive readers.

The publisher recommends this book from age 7, however given the more emotional aspects of the story, this might work best as a read-along between parent and child, or may be a more appealing read for older children.

Book Cover - Oscar's Lion
Publication Date
October 2023