Our Dog Benji

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that dogs will eat practically anything – from bones to biscuits, from Brussels sprouts to buttercups, from pickles to polenta – if it looks in any way edible; they will, at the very least, give it a lick. Conversely, anyone who has ever cared for a child will know that, when it comes to food, kids are a little harder to please.

Our Dog Benji, written by Pete Carter and illustrated by James Henderson, is a story about a gentle, mannerly dog who has a taste for, well, everything. Narrated by his young owner, a much less adventurous eater, Benji’s day is spent chomping through tomatoes, olives, slimy avocado, grass, daffodils and crunchy bugs. He even races to the kitchen every morning to see if the refrigerator has exploded during the night. Written in simple, easy-to-read prose and nicely illustrated in a comic-book style reminiscent of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s (definitely not for kids) We3 comic series, this book is packed with subtle scatological humour for the kids and some equally subtle pop-culture references for adults. Carter and Henderson, an uncle-and-nephew team from New Zealand, have produced a thoughtful, good-natured book that hopefully will encourage children to expand their culinary horizons. A great book for fussy eaters, dog lovers – or both!

Book Cover - Our Dog Benji
Publication Date
October 2021