Our Earth is a Poem

The front cover of this book has a beautiful tactile quality that entices the reader in. Once inside, we are taken on a journey of discovery beginning with the simple question I Wonder by Margarita Engle and ending with the inspirational Nature Nurtures by Jay Hulme. Along the way, we are taken from our own back gardens into forests and jungles, past rivers and lakes, as we weave our way from day to night and through the changing seasons.

Each poem has a unique voice. Some, such as The Average Hippopotamus by Jack Prelutsky and Mud by Ruth Awolola, encourage the reader to have fun with the rhymes. Others, such as In Praise Of by Rachael Plummer and A Year Well Lived-In by Tom Denbigh encourage us to slow down and think about how even the most seemingly insignificant parts of nature play an important role in our everyday lives. Each one is enhanced by the wonderful illustrations that sit perfectly alongside them, not only helping to bring the words of the poets to life, but also managing to create a beautiful, almost magical world all of their own. Each illustration offers a unique perspective which compels the reader to pause and investigate the colourful worlds that lie beyond the words.

Our Earth is a Poem is a book of poetry that is both visually stunning and a joy to read and is the perfect book for adults and children to read together.

Book Cover - Our Earth is a Poem
Publication Date
August 2023