Our Rights!: Stories and Poems about Children's Rights

This anthology brings together stories and poems by a profusion of twenty-two well-known contemporary authors and poets, including two UK Children’s Laureates. Beginning with the compassionate poem Imagine by Jackie Morris, which explores the right that all children have to be treated fairly, there are many uplifting and magical short stories with diverse characters featured throughout. Highlights include 'The Mascot' by Vitra Soundar and 'Charles the Second', Morris Gleitzman’s tale about identity and the moving concluding poem 'Every Child a Song' by Nicola Davies.

These writings not only contain powerful messages where children will see themselves represented amongst the pages, but this book will entertain. While stimulating vital discussions and encouraging empathy, this collection demonstrate how children can make the world better for themselves and others. The short pieces allow the reader to dip in and out of the book time and time again, while the three artists who contributed to this treasury beautifully illustrated the book with characters that bring the collection to life. There is a list of the forty-two articles of children’s rights at the end of the book, for those keen to know more.

An important book to educate children about the rights that they have and to make them aware of how important they are for every child in the world. 

Book Cover - Our Rights! Stories and Poems about Children's Rights
Publication Date
July 2023