Our World: Ukraine

Part of the Our World series, this touching boardbook takes young readers through a day in the life of children in Ukraine. Aimed at avoiding stereotypes, this series is written and illustrated by creators from the country in question.

We follow two children, a brother, and a sister, as they paint traditional eggs, have lunch, go to a picnic in the park, and meet their dad, who came home on leave. Their daily scenes are accompanied by Ukrainian words and expressions from ‘good morning’ to ‘glory to Ukraine!’ supported by a helpful pronunciation guide. Bold and bright illustrations are full of vibrant colours that are bound to appeal to and entertain the very young.

Only twenty pages in length, this book manages to capture the unbreakable spirit of the country of Ukraine and sends a heartwarming message of hope and peace.

Book Cover - Our World: Ukraine
Publication Date
April 2024
Board Book