A Pack of Your Own

A beautifully illustrated and engaging story about a dog who wants to have friends and to feel like he belongs. He tries very hard to understand how to make friends and to play with others but he isn’t sure.  He is looking for others who are just like him but then discovers a friend who is fun and warm but different.

The story of wanting to fit in, and wanting to be a part of group (or in this case) a pack, is one that is relatable.  It could provide discussions about how much do you need to change or adjust to fit in with others, or can you still make friends and be yourself and they are themselves, all different but compatible.  

This adventure is presented as fun and enjoyable, while also being introspective. A good choice for adults who read to children and where discussion about the story related to life experiences takes place. Making friends can be challenging but it is also lots of fun. There are fantastic illustrations of all kinds of dogs being playful as well as engaging in such events as hat shopping. The text is rhythmic and will be a pleasure to read out loud.

A Pack of Your Own - book cover
Publication Date
December 2022