Parp! Who is making that stink? A funny little mystery made for reading aloud together. A group of animals are in a rush to leave their office, but as soon as they all get into the lift, someone starts parping. At each floor one of them gets out, leaving the rest to wonder who it could be!

The art is bright and colourful and highlights the care and attention that has gone into the use of flaps and sliders to support the storytelling and setting. Many of the sliders are used to help the animals travel between floors on the elevator and there are many funny images alongside the main drama unfolding in the stinky smelly lift! My favourites are the spiders trying to clean out the lift shaft.

While the story itself is quite simplistic, this leaves room for more interaction when reading the book helping to build engagement with reading. The writing includes some rhyming along with room for different voices or sound effects easy for little ones to join in on. It’s short and funny while still being cleverly executed, a good one for bedtimes.

Book cover - Parp!
Publication Date
February 2022
Board Book