Paws, Claws, Tails & Roars: Brian Wildsmith's Animal Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what a group of leopards is called? What about parrots, or seahorses? Clearly organizsed into three categories - wild animals, birds and fishes - this anthology of the animal world will make young readers' experts in the collective nouns of each of the species featured. Each spread is accompanied by a short lyrical text, giving the opportunity to pause and admire the true showstopper of this book: Wildsmith’s mesmerizing illustrations.

Creatures appear vibrant and true to life with the illustrator’s expressive strokes, intricate patterns and exuberant shades. Each page is a celebration of the animal kingdom as well as a reminder of the incredible diversity of the wild creatures we live with.

Not only an informative read that will delight any young animal aficionado, this book, with its gorgeous illustrations and golden edged-pages, would make a truly special gift to treasure and discover as a family.

Book Cover - Paws, Claws, Tails & Roars
Publication Date
September 2023