The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy

In a town obsessed with fish, the only way to have some fun is to use your imagination, and Marina certainly knows how to do that. When this teller of tall and exciting tales discovers a boy with tentacles for hair and crab claws for hands living on a dark and haunted pier swaying dangerously in the rough seas, for once she doesn’t have to make something exciting up. Nothing is going to stop her from helping him to solve the mystery of his birth and the disappearance of his mysterious fisherman.

In his début novel, Pickard has crafted an exciting mystery with a unique set of characters. Marina is a great heroine, forced to step outside of her comfort zone to decipher the real secrets, lies and deception that seem to be hidden everywhere in the strangest little fish- obsessed town in the world. The loss of her own father spurs her on to help William find the fisherman father figure he yearns for. But in a town with this many secrets and gluttonous characters that make Aunt Sponger and Aunt Spike look like caring guardians, who can you trust?

This is a funny, heartwarming and mysterious adventure with just the right amount of oddness and darkness to keep the reader intrigued. Richard Pickard is The Times/Chicken House Chairman’s Choice Award Winner 2019 and this book does not disappoint. Who doesn’t love a mystery within a mystery within a mystery, and at its heart a character who is half-boy and half-fish – or is that half-crustacean?

Book Cover - The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy
Publication Date
August 2021
Age range