Penelope Snoop Ace Detective

Penelope Snoop has a new case. Her favourite toy, Sidney the Smelly Sock Snake, has disappeared. Along with Carlos the dog, she sets out to uncover the mystery and begins the search which will take her to outer space.

This is such a fun book. Penelope is clever, feisty and you can see why she is the BEST Finder Outer in the Whole Wide World! Carlos, her trusty sidekick, is also an amazing character, who will melt your heart.

This is such a well written, funny, and thoughtful book. It is an easy read, with a story that makes you want to know more. Plus, they go to space, who wouldn’t love that? The illustrations are so colourful and bright. The book’s layout is amazing; the pictures and the words interact with each other so well. Penelope Snoop is a wonderful character that you will never forget, and you’ll be eager to read all about her new case. For those who love Tom Percival or Kes Gray will love this incredible and playful book.

Book cover - Penelope Snoop Ace Detective
Publication Date
March 2022