A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends

Philips Wechter’s wonderful tale is a perfect illustration that the solution to boredom is not only activity but company.  When Racoon’s attempt to combat boredom requires some eggs, he begins a group adventure that involves four of his friends. Each new development in the adventure prompts a new fun activity and demonstrates strengths, and weaknesses of the friends. Incredibly, the long and busy day does actually result in eggs for racoon and a lovely end to a lovely day.

This picture book is exquisitely illustrated with warm colours and detailed pictures that will encourage discussion with young children and bring them back to this book again and again. The story and its charming translation create an idyllic world that show us the best of friendship and community.  The friends all depend on one another and value time spent together.  There is a teasing note, when fox’s impatience and bear’s appetite are mentioned that makes this fun rather than saccharin.  This is a truly beautiful book with an endearing message.

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends - book cover
Publication Date
June 2022