Peter & the Wolf

The reader meets Peter as a young boy who now lives with his ever worrying grandfather, following the death of Peter’s mother. With the help of a selection of forest creatures, Peter sets out to capture the infamously hungry wolf who lurks deep within the dark forest. However, things are not always as they seem, as Peter’s wise grandfather warns him; ‘beware, for wolves come in many disguises.’ The message echoes that of the original tale, a message of courage that touches gently on the topic of loss, redemption and recovery.

An enchanting and immersive graphic novel through which the fairytale world originally created by Sergei Prokofiev is re-imagined and explored, with the addition of a twist. Bono’s unique illustrations of the wolf are layered over a monochrome backdrop to create a clever interplay between hand drawn 2D characters and the physical world. The illustrations offer a reminder that there is hope after loss as those who we love are never truly gone.

This graphic novel is recommended for readers from the age of 7 and has the potential to act as an aid to help navigate feelings of grief, loss and loneliness. Readers are encouraged to utilise those around them to feel supported in facing fears, whether that is a deep dark forest, a hungry wolf or their grief. Just as Gavin Friday narrates the story and drops by throughout the novel, I would recommend that guardians also stay close to help readers navigate the darker aspects of the novel, which younger readers may find more challenging.

About the Author
Photo - Gavin Friday
Gavin Friday’s career spans four decades, and he still puts the same energy and passion into his work that he did with the Virgin Prunes in 1977.
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About the Illustrator
Photo - Bono
Bono, born Paul David Hewson, has been headlining stadiums with U2 for four decades. The band have sold 170 million records and have won 22 Grammys and a host of other awards, including the Kennedy Center Honors. He lives with his wife, Ali, and four children in Dublin, Ireland.
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Book Cover - Peter & the Wolf
Publication Date
October 2023