Pink Trucks

Stink is a young boy who is searching for a truck that is pink. In his search, he realises that there are obstacles in his way, forcing him to become resourceful using his own creativity and the help of his sister to acquire a pink truck. Stink encounters the attitudes and beliefs of others, shining a light on implied gendered ‘colour rules’ in the categorising of children’s toys in the shop.

The story is easy and enjoyable to read aloud, with repeated descriptive phrases about the trucks that young children can join in with. Using fun, appropriate humour, the text is engaging while introducing themes that children face in their play such as the stereotyping of colour and toys. Stink's resolution in the conclusion is empowering for children, demonstrating that they have the means to solve a problem in a creative way.

Reid has captured the fun chaos of children at play with images of a Stink’s bedroom floor covered in trucks which most children can relate to. The illustrations are vivid and rich in colour, with a repetition of colours throughout the pages matching the references in the text making it easier for a young child to follow the story.

The themes of the story are applicable to all children therefore it is a great book to read aloud to a younger cohort of children and equally enjoyable for emergent and independent readers of an older age.

Book Cover - Pink Trucks
Publication Date
April 2024