The Pirate Mums

Poor Billy wishes his family were a little more ordinary. His two mums – Mama and Mummy – are a bold, shanty-singing duo longing for adventure on the high seas! They are thrilled when the opportunity arises to set sail with their son on a class trip to the seaside ... but an embarrassed young Billy isn’t so sure.

This stylish, swashbuckling adventure is bursting with familiar pirate language, visual nuances and just the right amount of peril to keep little landlubbers clinging to the edge of their seats. Beautiful pencil drawings and a hipster colour palette give the genre a fresh makeover, and little touches like Mummy’s candyfloss pink hair and some super-smart tailoring add a dash of Parisian glamour. What is most refreshing, however, is to discover a picturebook that celebrates difference by switching focus. Billy doesn’t wish his family was more like other families because he has two mums: it’s their fishy taste in interior design (think Jolly Rogers and maritime memorabilia) and their rude-talking parrot, Birdbrain, that makes his family stand apart from others. At its heart this is just a wonderfully quirky pirate caper featuring two heroic female leads; but with its healthy sprinkling of rainbows and heartfelt message around love and acceptance, it will also be a valuable addition to any LGBTQ+ reading list for little ones.

Book Cover - The Pirate Mums
Publication Date
September 2021